Launched in February 2021 as a hobby blog, this is for everyone who wants to learn about stormwater issues in the Puget Sound. My goal is to raise awareness, educate the public, and share information about stormwater impacts and how you can help improve stormwater in the Puget Sound! 

What is Puget Sound? Puget Sound is a deep fjord estuary that lies within the broader Salish Sea. As a saltwater body, it is far from being uniform: each basin, carved by retreating glaciers more than 10,000 years ago, varies in its physical, chemical, and biological properties. Read more here.

Whether you are a homeowner, engineer, or government professional, I hope you find something here that you can use and share! My sources will include professional magazines (e.g. APWAASCE), local and regional newspapers, agency newsletters and websites (e.g. the WA DOE and WSDOT), and scientific journals.

I grew up surrounded by the Great Lakes. From an early age I set out to become an environmental engineer, which involves the practical application of science to solve environmental problems. I have a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering and a Master's degree in Civil Engineering

I have worked in public and private sectors for several employers, from large to small. I enjoy working as an engineer in government. It presents fulfilling challenges, keeps me working hard, and allows me to continuously learn to be a better engineer, steward of the public's resources, and to protect our natural resources. 

I am writing this blog to share information and to continue to improve my own knowledge. I hope you find this blog to be engaging, informative, and useful! 

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