Stormwater Resources

If you are pursuing a hardscaping, landscaping, drainage, or other improvement project for your home please be sure to check your local jurisdiction's permit requirements! Maintenance of an existing drainage system typically does not require a permit. The addition of hard (impervious) surfaces such as gravel and concrete may require a permit, but this depends on how much you plan to add. The location of improvements must not interfere with existing drainage systems so please contact your local stormwater utility to get info on whether you have a stormwater system to avoid a costly mistake.

County Resources

King County Stormwater Services and information

Pierce County Surface Water Management


City Resources

City stormwater pages are usually found on the City's web page under the following headings: Government > Departments > Public Works (or Utility) > Stormwater (or Surface Water). Each City should have a stormwater system map, links to their stormwater codes and development requirements (like drainage review), and a hotline or online portal for reporting a spill or drainage issue.
Development resources for stormwater facility design are often found under Public Works > Development or Engineering Standards, or may also be found under Community Development and Permitting web pages.

Learn About Stormwater Where You Live

How's My Waterway - Home (

Statewide Resources

WA Dept. of Ecology - Stormwater and Runoff
WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife - Hydraulic Project Approval - planning a project in or near state waters (like a dock)? Check RCW 77.55. You may need approval from the state and your local jurisdiction.
Water Resource Inventory Areas Map - learn about the watershed you live in!

Low Impact Development

How to Maintain Your Drainage System

Low Impact Development – Washington Stormwater Center 

Low Impact Development (LID) guidance - Washington State Department of Ecology 

Urban Runoff: Low Impact Development | Polluted Runoff: Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution | US EPA

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